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Geert Noels,

CEO Econopolis, wealth management Economist.

Author Econoshock, Econoshock 2.0

“Dr. Taylor combined academic research, humour and educational skills to show a mix of business leaders, opinion makers and technology adepts how biotech would change the future. 

“The future will not just unfold, we will shape it ourselves, and our ambitions, dreams and hopes will guide us towards a better tomorrow” is how I felt the main message. 

It was the best presentation I have seen in years, and i have assisted to a lot of them! 

The modesty of this top researcher just adds to my respect for her.”

Luc Van den Hove, 

President and CEO, imec R&D and innovation hub in nano-electronics and digital technologies

“Doctor Taylor has given a most inspiring speech that unraveled the world of genome editing and its enormous potential in life sciences but also way beyond. I’m glad to see that Doctor Taylor confirmed imec’s vision. Cross-linking expertises from totally different worlds such as semiconductor technology, biotechnology, biology, chemistry enable plenty of opportunities from DNA sequencing for hyper-personalized medicine for everyone to affordable, massive storage of data in DNA, a promising solution for the future of our data-driven society.”

Anastasia de Waal 

Founding Director, I Can Be

“Güneş’ dedication to bringing her area of work, and science at work more generally, to the children on our programme has been hugely impressive. Many of the pupils who participate in the I Can Be visits would not otherwise have the opportunity to meet a scientist, and certainly would not be able to explore scientific concepts in a working environment. Meeting Güneş, learning about her specialist area, and then working with her on her well-designed and age-appropriate activity, will have done more to engage many of our girls in the subject of science than any other experience they are likely to have. 


Güneş demonstrated a particular level of skill in managing to communicate complex scientific ideas in a way that the children were able to understand, as well as relate to their own daily lives. She also demonstrated a sophisticated understanding of the socio-economic challenges many of our participant girls face, which added to the successful tailoring of her approach to working on the programme. As a result, as well as serving our cohort of children over the last six months, Güneş has performed a significant service to disseminating the work within her field, and the wider work of the Crick Institute, to the public. I very much hope that she is able to continue to use her considerable talents in communicating her work to do further outreach work, in other capacities.”

Luke Robert Mason

Virtual Futures

“Günes Taylor brought incredible insight and engaging energy to our recent Virtual Futures Salon. She is an incredible science communicator and her compelling and open temperament allowed our non-expert audience to really engage with a difficult subject matter: the genetic modification of humans."

Max Sanderson 

Guardian Science Weekly Podcast producer

“The Guardian's Science Weekly is the longest-running science podcast in the UK with a global listenership that see's around 50k listens per week. Our episode on DIY Crispr did especially well with over 120k listens and lots of listener interaction.Thanks again for your time and input - we're really happy with how it turned out so hope you are too.”

Sven Mastbooms

Kindred Spirits

“Maybe even more important than science itself is the bridge between science and the rest of the world.

It’s exactly that bridge that will positively influence the exponential impact science can have on our planet and the people and organisations that populate it. Dr. Güneş Taylor showed that she has the building blocks to that bridge in her DNA. And with that she not only demonstrated the C-level and tech industry attendees what the future of all things living could be but invited and urged them to build that future together as well.”

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